2010 Resolutions

I know some people hate resolutions, but I love them.  It’s an organizational to-do list type of person’s dream.  I’m especially excited that it’s a new decade.  So without further ado, here are my crafting resolutions.

  1. Catch up on my scrapbooking before August 2010.  This may sound unreasonable, but I am actually only about a year behind.  I’ve really made progress in the past year.
  2. Figure out a better way to document the year.  For example, scrapbooking every Christmas with a little bit of journaling is really getting old.  I don’t want a scrapbook of every event from every year of my life anymore.  I want the memories and my thoughts written.  So I need a strategy for that.
  3. Knit from my stash using 10 in 2010.  See below.
  4. Follow the instructions in the book Design it Yourself Clothes and see if I am actually still interested in sewing clothes for myself.  If it works out, great.
  5. Learn how to spin.  Currently, I am slowly learning how to drop spindle.  I would love to get a wheel and learn more about the craft.

Those goals seem pretty reasonable to me.  And here is the list for my projects called 10 in 2010.  These projects are all for me and I already have the yarn to make them.  I can only buy new yarn when I finish one of these projects!

  1. Gail in Wollmeise
  2. Fiddlehead Mittens in Cascade Superwash
  3. Tweedy Vest in Kathmandu
  4. Heather Hoodie Vest in Nature Wool
  5. Fairy Leaves Pooling Stole in Handgefarbts
  6. Entrelac Scarf in Rowan Tapestry
  7. Slinky Ribs in Silky Wool
  8. Botanica Medallion Cardigan in Sublime Organic Cotton
  9. Favorite Cardigan in Berroco Vintage Wool
  10. Melody’s Shawl in DIC Baby

Can’t wait for 2010!


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