Bits at a Time

So I have been working on more academic projects than crafty projects, but that is nothing new.  I didn’t post specifically about it, but the scrapbooking retreat weekend was a great time to catch up on my current albums and spend time with friends and fellow scrappers.  I am almost caught up actually, just a few pages here and there to take care of.

I have finally finished the traveling scarves swap I was in through the Karma Swap group.  Basically, we all started a scarf and passed it along to each other to work on each section.  We started in September and I just now finished the last scarf.  Strangely enough, my scarf came back to me in December.  Something got out of order there, but I can’t complain, I’ve been wearing that scarf throughout this cold weather.

I also started my Ravelympics project, an entrelac scarf.  Entrelac is definitely addicting, I cannot get enough of it.  It is so much fun to make each little square and then realize how far you are getting on the larger project.  I hope I can get this done in two weeks, it is definitely the goal.

I am sending my February CATS cards out tomorrow, a Disney theme.  It was a very simple card, a Mickey head on front with some patterned paper.  It did give me a chance to use my Ultra Thick Embossing Powder.  Very fun to work with, glad I was able to incorporate it.

That will probably be all of my crafting time for this week, but hopefully I’ll have a chance to catch back up this weekend.  Until then!


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