Feeling Inspired

Just finished listening to another episode of Paperclipping Roundtable, again highly recommended for anyone interested in scrapbooking.  I’m feeling especially inspired by Becky Higgins being on the podcast.  I plan on including these thoughts on a future layout about scrapbooking, so I’m documenting them more for myself, but feel free to read.  First, I love listening to how this hobby has changed over the years.  I have been scrapbooking for about 8 years now, have been heavily involved with the industry at times, and at other times, like now, too focused on other things to devote much time to the hobby.  But it is great to hear the “famous” scrapbookers talk about their own learning process over the years.

Becky was talking about burnout and how she has changed her process.  I completely relate to that.  I bought her Project Life kit the first time it was mentioned on the Roundtable Podcast and it has sat in my space since then.  I sorted it of course and felt inspired, but wasn’t sure exactly when to start.  There’s just this feeling of, “Wow, I really don’t want to scrapbook every event of the year.”  Especially because most of them repeat themselves.  There’s only so many ways to scrapbook Christmas.  There’s only so many times I can take photos at my favorite bar.  I don’t even necessarily need photos of some of these events, but I’ve been so well-trained to take my camera places and to take these types of photos.  What I need to get better at is writing events down.  Writing down the funny quotes from the night.  Writing about the stress I’m feeling when working on a big project.  Those are the things I want to remember and I really think Project Life will help me do that.  I just…need to use it.  So it’s the end of the month, I think tomorrow is as good as time of any to begin my journey.  I’m thinking I will carry the little cards around with me to jot down inspiration.  And eventually I’ll even scrapbook these thoughts and this feeling of relief that even the “famous” scrapbookers are experiencing these changes too.

Which also makes me reflect, National Scrapbooking Day is soon.  Three and two years ago I was working at A’s, preparing the events, teaching classes, learning about new products.  Sometimes I miss those days of being surrounded by the hype and the creativity (not the customers, don’t even get me started – thankfully I did scrapbook those memories).  But it’s also nice to know that just a couple of years later, I’m still evolving as a scrapbooker.


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