Resolutions Check-In

So we’re over halfway through the year now and summer is about halfway over for me. First, I want to share my July CATS card. The theme this month was Americana Birthday. My favorite part of the card is the small silver border. That is actually crumpled up tape from Lowe’s. I think it is for plumbing? Not sure its real purpose, but it is great for scrapbooking purposes.

What else have I been up to? Quilting! We just ended the official class, taught by Katherine. Check out her blog where she posted the class details. She took some great photos of my quilt. I’m in the process of hand sewing the binding, so I will post photos when that is complete.

And since we’re over halfway through the year now and my summer is halfway over, I thought it was time to check in on New Year’s Resolutions.

Knitting Progress:
I have completed 2 projects from my original list of 10 (Entrelac Scarf and Melody’s Shawl). But then I gave away my Melody’s Shawl, so I guess that doesn’t count. The Heather Hoodie Vest is in hibernation. However! I have been knitting for myself this year. I have completed five projects that I have kept for myself so far. I am working on two sweaters as well…just not the ones on my original list. Oh well, the life of a knitter who follows the trends I suppose. And we won’t even talk about my stash. Ahem.

Scrapbooking Progress:
I have been better about this resolution. I am almost caught up and have transitioned over into my Project Life Scrapbook. I am still practicing writing down my thoughts right after an event instead of waiting to write about them. And I have a big scrapbooking weekend at the end of July where I will probably completely catch up. So that will take care of those two resolutions.

Other Resolutions Progress:
I have not picked up the Design Your Clothes book yet. My goal to get started on that resolution is after we move and I have more space to fold out my big sewing table. I think that will help that progress. And for the spinning resolution, I have spent some time drop spindling this year. And with Tom’s help, I found a spinning wheel on Craigslist and have fixed it up all for less than $100. I haven’t practiced on it yet, I think I’m nervous to get started. But I will work on that soon.

What I’m most excited about this month is our big move into a house that we will be renting. I will have my own dedicated room for my office and crafting, I can’t wait. I will definitely have an entire post about how I organize that room. Until then, I will keep crafting!


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