Here’s the one with the quilts.

Lots to share tonight. First, let me share the quilt for Sarah’s wedding that she is going to receive tomorrow night because they are coming to visit:

This quilt is my favorite project so far.  I started with the black and white squares, purchased from Etsy.  Then I went to Joann’s and picked out all the pink, black, and silver fabric I could find (her wedding colors of course).  I decided to go with the half-log cabin theme.  Then I just went to town making blocks.  That was kind of a bad idea because I had to come up with a way to lay them all out.  After much decision, I decided on the order.  I added sashing.  Quilted on the diagonal to hide my mistakes.  Used fleece for the backing and added the strip in the middle to make it wide enough.  Finished it off with some premade binding.  The binding didn’t catch all of the fabric, so I went back over it with a zigzag stitch.  Overall, the quilt is just shy of 50″ by 50″.  My favorite part is that one of the fabrics is what the bride chose to use as the lining of the bags she made us.  We clearly were on the same wavelength with that one!

Next was my sister’s wedding quilt.  This was a very quick quilt because I used parts of a jelly roll and charm pack.  I love this fabric, it is called Pure by Sweetwater – Moda.  I want to use this fabric for my own bedroom quilt because our walls our blue.  And some of the fabrics say, “pure love, pure happiness, pure grace,” etc.  What could be better for a wedding theme?  And my sister’s bedroom is chocolate brown.  Well – she thought it was a baby quilt.  It was over 50″ by 50″ – not made for a crib!  What can you do.  Soft fleece on the back again.  I just hope it doesn’t end up being a dog blanket.

And then just to throw in something other than fabric, here are the thank you cards I made for my sister’s wedding:

The next post will be about the rest of the curtain extravaganza that has been happening in the past couple of weeks.  Let’s just say, I don’t want to make any more curtains…


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