2010 Resolutions Update

It’s time to check in on my 2010 New Year’s resolutions, the main reason why I created this blog.  There were a few things that I did not anticipate this year.  1 – Being in three weddings.  2 – Taking a beginning quilting class and making 4 quilts before Christmas.  3 – Moving into a house that needed curtains.  That said, here’s the run down.

Catch up on my scrapbooking before August 2010.  This may sound unreasonable, but I am actually only about a year behind.  I’ve really made progress in the past year.

This definitely happened.  Going to my local scrapbooking events and a few retreats made this possible.  I’m looking forward to getting caught up on the end of this year early this winter.

Figure out a better way to document the year.  For example, scrapbooking every Christmas with a little bit of journaling is really getting old.  I don’t want a scrapbook of every event from every year of my life anymore.  I want the memories and my thoughts written.  So I need a strategy for that.

Well I started using Project Life 2010 by Becky Higgins last spring, but I wasn’t prepared to follow through.  So I went back to my old ways.  Then this December I wrote down a little memory for each day.  Looking back even now at the beginning of the month, I’ve already forgotten things.  So I’m excited to make that into a little book.  Then hopefully that will jumpstart my Project Life 2011.  I’m ordering the new binder so it will actually fit on my shelf and will be visible.

Knit from my stash using 10 in 2010.

I can’t say I followed this exactly since I worked at my local yarn shop over the summer for yarn credit.  But I spent much less money this year on yarn and haven’t bought any for several months now.  And even though I only made 2 out of the 10 patterns I set out to make on my resolutions, I did make plenty of things for myself that were unexpected.  I didn’t go crazy with Christmas knitting this year either.  So that part of the goal happened.  I’m looking forward to using the yarn I love this year.

Follow the instructions in the book Design it Yourself Clothes and see if I am actually still interested in sewing clothes for myself.  If it works out, great.

Did not touch this resolution at all.  I had high hopes for the summer, but that’s when I started quilting.  I still have high hopes for this next year though. And I did do a lot of sewing for the new house, so my sewing machine did get a lot of use in 2010.

Learn how to spin.  Currently, I am slowly learning how to drop spindle.  I would love to get a wheel and learn more about the craft.

This is a very exciting one because I did get a wheel.  For $35 on Craigslist.  Yep, just had to add a few parts and I have myself a lovely spinning wheel.  Can’t say I’ve touched it though.  I did continue to do some more drop spindling though.  Spinning is definitely a goal this winter.

Overall, I’m very happy with my crafting in 2010.  I made my CATS cards every month and made several others, including my Christmas cards.  I designed my craft room in the new house and love that space now.  Thankfully this blog has helped me keep track of the miscellaneous.  I’ll be posting my crafting goals for 2011 soon!


2 thoughts on “2010 Resolutions Update

  1. Hi Caitlin! I used to have your energy, emphasis “used to”! Ha! I loved reading your blog. Just reading it makes my head swim with ideas to do more (although my husband loves to encourage me to do less, but it’s just not in me). Your enthusiasm is amazing and you are so goal oriented that you actually get things done. Since I stopped working full time, I have been slowly getting my house in order so that I can stamp/scrapbook more, enter contests and submit my cards on line and to magazines. Where are the pics from your craft room? Pam

  2. Pam, glad you are feeling inspired. One of my new goals should have been to take the time to make my cards extra special, like you! I will have to post photos of the craft room soon, I completely forgot to show the updated version! Talk to you soon. 🙂

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