2011 is all about one word – relax.

Inspired by Ali Edwards, I am choosing one word to connect my crafting resolutions.  Relax.  It’s that simple.  While I felt productive in 2010 on my resolutions, I also felt stressed about most of them.  I was rushing to finish presents.  I would then get frustrated with a project if it was not going the way I wanted.  And that’s not how I want to feel about my crafting in 2011.  This year will be a big year for me at school, where there will be virtually no time to relax.  So I should be able to relax and enjoy my crafting at least.  That said, here’s the 2011 resolutions list.

  1. Make the Christmas stockings for my friend T’s family, as requested, before August. I have one done so far and need to make the other two.  This project did not get done in 2010 because of time.  The stockings are lined and include trim, which took much more time than anticipated.  So I will get these done by August so she has them well in advance.
  2. Finish all random scrapbook pages that have not been finished by August. For some reason I have very random pages in albums that are not complete.  For example, my graduation album has a few pages without writing.  Must have ran out of time at a retreat I was at or something similar.  So my goal is to finish all of those random pages in albums that are supposed to be finished already.
  3. Learn how to use my spinning wheel in February. I think February will be a good month to focus on spinning.  And the goal does not get much simpler, I already have all the supplies.
  4. Fill my Project Life binder with the everyday things that I never scrap. This is a continuous goal from last year.  When I look back on my scrapbooks, they are filled with events and times I took photos.  Sometimes there are things to say that do not require photos.  My Project Life binder with the individual note cards will help with that.
  5. Keep track of my quilting supplies with Stash Reports every week. Since I have been so great about not going crazy with my new hobby, quilting, I’d like to keep it that way.  So reporting on my stash every week will help keep me in line and hopefully inspire me to keep working on new projects.  And to keep me from building a stash.
  6. Make a queen-sized quilt (or duvet cover) for my bed. This is a big one.  I have been thinking about this since I started quilting.  I have not kept any of my quilting projects so far.  I know I want to use the “Pure” collection by Moda, but I’m not sure what pattern to use yet.  I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pattern, especially if I have to look at it every night.
  7. Use the Basic Grey fabric I have set aside to make a table runner for the front room and the matching paper to make the shadow box. This is a two part resolution, but they go together.  I love this particular line and want to make the two items to finish off the front room and hallway.  Not a difficult set of projects, but they are completely for my own pleasure, so I have to make sure I put them on the list so I complete them.

I think that’s enough goals for now.  I’m looking forward to being more relaxed with my crafting.  And really to being more weekly rather than short creative bursts.  Those are my goals, I will keep you posted on the progress.


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