The Craft Room

It’s about time I post some photos of my craft room.  We moved into this house in August and I was able to claim one room as my very own craft room.  It also holds my clothes, but still.  It’s better than sharing a room with someone else’s hobbies!  And we were able to paint it.

First, here is the best part of my room – the peg board. I had this same pegboard in the apartment, but it was screwed into the wall. Here my boyfriend built it to be free standing since our walls are plaster. Yes, I have twelve jars full of ribbon. And then 29 rolls of ribbon. I don’t have to explain the different types of scissors to crafters. The bottom right plastic bins are full of paper flowers and embellishments. Those are Stampin Up stamp containers that I never filled because I keep all of my stamps unmounted.

Here is the full effect of my pegboard and the decorating table from Joann’s. It folds down into 1/4 of the size and can roll. Thankfully in this room I have the space to keep it open at all times. As you can, see that is dangerous. My table fills up quickly.


First I want to comment on the sentence above the closet, “Life does not have to be perfect in order to be wonderful.”  My high school English teacher actually made that little sign and had it above her classroom one year.  She actually had several quotes around the room.  At the end of the year, I took this one with me and have had it up ever since.  It means a lot to look at this sign when I’m crafting.  And to remember her.

To the right of the pegboard is a closet and stacked cubes in the corner. I have fabric in the top cube, yarn in the second cube, my Scor-Pal lives in the third cube with extra cardboard sheets, and the bottom cube holds more yarn. Don’t worry, that isn’t even half of my yarn collection. These are just yarns that I may want on hand for upcoming projects.  Or to pet.

Now we’re in the main closet. The closet slopes so that I have a triangular space. This black container is great, I bought it from a scrapbook store that was closing. It holds all of my chipboard letters, separated out by letter (each drawer holds three different letters). The shoebox is currently holding wedding mementos to scrapbook. And my friend Cathy made that gorgeous tag that I can’t put away for fall just yet.

Below the black container are my scrapbooking bins. All six of them and then some! I love the clear plastic totes. I take at least one with me when I scrapbook. Another one is dedicated to die cutting supplies. Another one has all of my 12 by 12 cardstock. Another one actually has fabric stored in it.

Now I’m spinning you around to see the other side of the closet at an angle. Yes, it’s a little much I suppose. The bottom black containers hold all of my patterned paper. I’m using it, I promise. Then the big clear bins actually hold a variety of things, not just crafting supplies. Some hold old class notes. One of them is my “regifting bin” of goodies. A lot of what you’re looking at is yarn storage. The silver round laundry basket has more fabric, interfacing, and fleece. All of my totebags are behind that. To the far left is my homemade foam board for blocking my knitting projects.

Okay back out of the closet. This is the door of the actual room. More clear storage. In those drawers I have all of my pens, punches, extra glues, envelopes, and my pre-cut quilting supplies. I made the C several years ago and it still seems to go with my room theme. The rectangular panel was hand painted by someone here in town, I bought it from her at a craft fair.

This isn’t crafting! I know, I know. I just wanted to show you how I organized my necklaces and earrings. These are hanging on the other closet door (to the right of the photo you last saw). I picked up the hanger for $1 from Target. And my boyfriend had the wire piece I could hang my earrings from. This definitely keeps me organized. And then the rest of this miniature closet I don’t have photos of because it’s just my clothes and shoes. But it is much smaller than the closet you saw previously.

Working our way around the room going to the right still, this is my dresser of clothes. The fabric that lays on top of the dresser matches the curtains I made for the room.

This is my other favorite part of the room. Each of our upstairs room has a dormer. Perfect size for a card table. And mine is a little sewing nook. I can leave my sewing machine out at all times. The Clip It Up holds most of my scrapbooking embellishments. That was one of those purchases I go back and forth on. It works in this space. It didn’t work in the apartment. I’m glad I have it, but it is pretty large.

One last corner of the room. This is in between the sewing nook / dormer area and my pegboard / decorating table. I’m still playing with the arrangement on my glass shelves, but they are handy for holding some supplies. The shelving piece is from Wal-Mart and was purchased specifically for this space.

Here I have several more glues. Embellishments like buttons and oh…some more ribbon. Anyways. The second shelf has two binders for my clear stamps. One binder is a photocopy of all the stamps I have so I can flip through it quickly to see what image I want. Then the blue binder has all of the actual clear stamps in it. The blue binder is pretty heavy and much more awkward. More stamps are to the right of that. And then all of my paints are in the basket. Most of my paints came from the scrapbook store I used to work at – they were free. I don’t use them that often, but they are handy to have. Other random supplies are on the bottom two drawers, including my ball winder (which hooks to my decorating table with my swift for winding yarn).

Wow! That was a lot. The space probably seems much bigger than it is, but it is perfect for me. I feel so lucky to be able to have this much space to dedicate to my crafts. I don’t think I could ever live in a studio apartment in New York City! Thanks for taking the time to look at my space and feel free to ask any questions for clarification. I stare at this stuff all the time!


10 thoughts on “The Craft Room

  1. Caitlin, I enjoyed seeing your craftroom. Love the pegboard, jewelry hanger and sewing nook. You did an excellent job on the room.

    • Thanks Cathy – did you see the little card holder you gave me a few years ago? It brightens up my tall plastic storage container.

      • Caitlin, I just went back and looked for the little card holder and found it. You have one of your CATS cards on it. That was a wonderful card!

  2. Hi Caitlin…..I’m so glad you got your craft room photographed so we could see it. Maybe I should do mine so you can see it too! Anyway, loved all your nooks and crannies and saw Cathy’s fall tag you can’t put away! I’ve got my special stuff on a bulletin board. I do like the pegboard. Makes it very easy to get to your tools when you need them … AND … then a place for everything! A girl after my own heart. Looks like a great space and a place where a lot is accomplished. Pam

      • Well, I am in the process of reorganizing. Hope to be finished in the next week or two. Then I would get it posted. Can you wait that long? I’m curious how I would do that as I don’t have a blog. What if I took the pictures then sent them in an e-mail maybe with some text. Would that work?

      • Pam, I can wait! I made everyone wait for my photos! It may be easier to join or Then you can upload your photos and send everyone to your “photo site” so you don’t have to put them in email. When I upload them into email, I usually have to send several emails to get all the photos in. But flickr and photobucket are free and you don’t need a blog!

  3. I love your craft room!!! I am particularly interested in your pegboard. Do you have any pics of the bottom, or a brief explanation of how your boyfriend built it? I live in an apartment and desperately want some pegboard organization but don’t want to damage the walls. I would rather the pegboard be freestanding or braced/bolted to the table. This looks so perfect and seems to be supporting a lot of weight! I would love any response 😉

    • Thanks so much! This post is so old, that man is now my husband! 🙂 Let me ask him tonight and I’ll post the response and email it to you as well. It worked so well in an apartment and it still works so well freestanding in the basement!

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