January Card Club

This month I picked the theme for card club.  Translucent.  That was the main rule – use something clear or translucent on your cards.  I thought it was appropriate for the weather we’ve been having and I stuck to a snowflake theme.



  • It’s hard to tell, but my envelopes and matching cardstock are a shimmery neutral color.
  • The paper was in my stash, probably something I picked up on sale.
  • The Autumn Leaves circle journaling stamp was stamped onto a piece of snowflake vellum paper.
  • The clear snowflake was punched out of acetate at Archiver’s.  I left it blank so people could write their own message.
  • The baker’s twine is from this Etsy website.
  • And the snowflake sticker on the envelope was from Sticko.

Next month our challenge is to create art postcards!  Very exciting theme.  And I’ll have Valentine’s Day cards to show!


2 thoughts on “January Card Club

  1. Caitlin, I got your card today and it is outstanding. I loved the shimmery paper and envelope. I was wondering what you would end up dong with the snowflake and I like the way you used that journaling stamp (I have a ton of those), very different. I already belong to flickr and have posted some cards. I think it’s pegifford47. Anyway, that’s what I’ll do, put the photos on flickr. Have fun with the art theme.

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