Tuesday Trigger for Valentine’s Day

Today I’m posting a project for the Tuesday Trigger on Moxie Fab World.

I was very inspired by the miniature hearts and the idea of boxed treats.  A couple years ago Target was selling these really cute mailboxes for $1.00 each.  I snatched several up, worried that I would never see them again.  Of course, I have seen them at Target every year since then.  And I’m just now finally getting around to using mine.  I plan on filling these with candy and passing them out to my friends and co-workers.  The paper and stickers are from Doodlebug.

I have other projects planned for Valentine’s Day as well.  Pink and red Chinese takeout boxes filled with candy.  And plenty of cards to go around.  What are you planning for Valentine’s Day?

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Trigger for Valentine’s Day

  1. Caitlin, Your Valentine mail boxes are the cutest. Fun choice of paper. Can’t wait to see the Chinese takeout boxes posted! You’ve inspired me to think about Valentine’s Day.

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