My New Favorite Socks

In December I was in a slight knitting slump. I just wasn’t feeling any of my projects and wanted a project to do on “cruise control” for my brain. So I cast on some plain jane socks with a very colorful yarn by Opal. I picked up this yarn over the summer for half off at a fabric store that was moving and clearing out their inventory. I had to do something different though – so I made afterthought heels. Afterthought heels are amazing. It’s just like knitting another toe. They fit snugly. And I have deemed these my new favorite socks AND the best pair I’ve ever made. These are so comfortable, do not sag, and are strong. And I didn’t even have to try that hard to make the repeats match up.   Can’t wait to show them off!

High off of my new favorite socks – I decided to join the Ravelry Group Socktopia’s – Sock of the Month Club. This isn’t a typical sock club. It’s all about knitting down the stash of sock yarn you already own. So I put my sock yarns into brown paper bags, stapled them shut, and had T. label them randomly (since I could probably cheat and know what yarns are in what bags). My new favorite socks were for January. I’m working on a pair for February already. And so these are the bags for the rest of the year.

I’m hoping this system will keep me on track for knitting all the fun socks I want!  Especially since I only knit two pairs in 2010?  Not cool.  Hand knit socks are the best.


5 thoughts on “My New Favorite Socks

  1. Your new sock knitting system is so smart! What kind of yarn was in the Febr. bag? We need a preview. The January socks are soooooo fun and they match up perfectly!

  2. Caitlin…you are a riot. You joined ANOTHER group? WOW, you get my vote for the best time manager of the year and the best task-master. Love the oh so colorful socks!

  3. So I know I’m a year and a half behind on this blog post, but I love this mystery bag idea! It’s so fun! I am not a knitter, just a crocheter… I have tried knitting in the past and have failed miserably. So I stick with what I know… haha! I was just going through my yarn stash the other day and have tiny balls of leftover yarn that I had no idea what to do with……. maybe I can figure out some way to use this mystery bag idea with my leftovers.

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