Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie: Semi-Disasterous

It’s not often that I cook or bake.  I can do both – in fact for a long time I thought I wanted to teach high schoolers how to cook.  But I spent enough time cooking when I was younger to get it out of my system.  I participated in bake-offs, entered contests, all sorts of things.  Now that I live with my partner, he is the chef of the house.

Once in awhile though, I get into my head to bake something.  Like after reading the blog post by “Our Best Bites” on the Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie.  I wanted to make it for my scrapbooking friends.  And it looked so easy!

Well, here are my results.  See the butter on the bottom of the tray?  Yeah.  There was way too much butter in it.  When I put the pie in the oven, it was like a big chocolate chip cookie – looked perfect.  Then it started to melt and bubbled over.  T. saved it for me by soaking some of the butter out of it.  Then it all worked out.  But I should have read the reviews on All Recipes first to see that other people were having the same problem.  And that I should have used a deep dish pie crust.

Needless to say, my scrapbooking friends are gobbling it up right now.  I can’t believe I turned something so easy into an “almost disaster.”  But we all have those days.  I’m staying out of the kitchen for the rest of the weekend and sticking to my crafts.


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie: Semi-Disasterous

  1. Chef / Crafty Caitlin,

    The picture of the pie looks so good … what’s a little butter. Tell your scrapbooking friends that your scrapbooking friends in Akron are a little jealous!


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