And the Garden is Almost Full

April has been a pretty busy month around here.  I have been to two conferences since the last time I posted.  It is definitely spring fever – the students are ready to go home even though we still have a few more weeks.

Today I thought I would post about my garden.  I have been planning for my garden since January.  We built raised beds, following the Square Foot Gardening method.  I have also received  a lot of advice from the Growing Your Grub podcast.

Here is my map as of today.  CN = The place where I bought the transplants.  Cabbage are only supposed to be planted one per square, but I bought too many at my local store.  So we’ll see how that goes.  Notice how I have one spot open!

And of course I had to take a photo after my transplanting.  The okra and cucumbers have not been transplanted yet – they just get to hang outside while the weather is nice.

I am most excited about my radishes.  They appear to be doing very well and I started those from seed.  I will keep you updated on how things start to shape up!


2 thoughts on “And the Garden is Almost Full

  1. Caitlin, I’m so impressed. It’s going to be a beautiful garden. I won’t get my pizza garden started until the end of May.

  2. Caitlin…..I can’t believe it! I went to a seminar in March and learned all about the square foot gardening. I plan to give it a try too! It’s too soon for me to get started and my garden is so wet but I am very eager to try this type of gardening and am hoping for good results. Good luck to you too!

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