Photos of my March and April Socks

So you know how I’m knitting a pair of socks every month?  Still going strong!  I am posting both my March and April sock photos together because I had to wait for photos from my sister.  I gave her my March socks for several reasons.  I did not need another pair of purple socks.  Her birthday was coming up.  And I actually made her a bag for her high school graduation out of this yarn (worsted weight) and the same pattern.  It truly was meant to be!

Then for April I was so excited to rip open my bag to find lovely cashmere sock yarn.   I was very tempted to buy another skein of this yarn from Plucky Knitter (even though I only had yards left because of my size 10 feet and 385 yards).  But buying another skein of sock yarn would defeat the purpose, now wouldn’t it?  Check it out on Ravelry here.  Very soft socks and this pattern was terrific to knit.

So what is in my May bag?  German colored sock yarn – for T!  He is very excited.  Even though he won’t be wearing the socks until next fall.  Just basic stockinette May.  Will post at the end of the month.


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