Camp Loopy Project I

So I thought I could not be convinced to buy more yarn.  What was the incentive when I had so many lovely skeins waiting for me to knit?  The Loopy Ewe came up with a genius plan – Camp Loopy.  Check out the information here.  Basically, there are a lot of incentives to not only buy the yarn – but to knit with it immediately.  There are three projects this summer.  I decided to knit Scalene for my first project.

It has been too hot to take a photo with me wearing it, which is a shame – it has two keyholes to help make it a stylish shawl.  Cannot wait to wear it this fall.  The other part of Camp Loopy is chatting with the other knitters on Ravelry.  I was a part of Cabin 3 for this project and had a “bunkmate” where we swapped gifts.  Here is the card I made for my partner:

Who knew all of those extra camping scrapbooking supplies I had would come in handy for a knitting swap!  I have not cast on Project Two yet, but soon.  I am finishing my July socks first.  I also need to figure out if there is time to plant a fall garden this weekend…my tomatoes have been delicious so far!


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