Quilted Table Runner

I am so glad I have been taking the online classes over at Craftsy.com.  The Quilting Quickly I and Quilting Quickly II series by Jenny Doan are well worth the money.  Not being paid to say that, just my honest opinion.  I bought the Quilting Quickly II class first because I thought I would be too advanced for the first one.  Then I went back and bought the first class because I realized there would be several cool projects in that class as well.  Inspired by the table runner from the Quilting Quickly I class, I made one out of the leftovers from my Pure by Moda fabric charm pack.  Are you sick of seeing this fabric yet?  I’m not!

This is actually a dresser that sits in our front room in the nook of the stairway.  Being able to customize the length and width of this table runner was especially useful for this long dresser.  This dresser is intended to be in our master bedroom, but did not fit.  So someday, in another house, this dresser will be back in the bedroom and it will match the queen sized quilt I am working on for the bed.

The back is a simple muslin fabric.  For some reason, it had never occurred to me before to make a quilt without binding around the edge.  Making this quilt was like making a big pillow.  Just took one afternoon.  This completes one of my new year’s resolutions – not my original choice for fabric for the table runner, but it worked out well.  Now I’m thinking about all of the table runners I could make for Christmas gifts!  And then I remember how limited I am on time the closer it gets to Christmas.  So maybe next year.  But I do highly recommend you check out Craftsy for yourself and be inspired!


2 thoughts on “Quilted Table Runner

  1. Hi, I have been looking at how to sew these edges without a binding. Could you tell me how you did yours? Was it sewn inside out first or just turned in as you sew the edges? Please let me know. I am trying to make a table like this as well.

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