September Socks and a Morning View

Let’s begin by discussing how I have been trying to become a morning person.  I schedule meetings for 8am, which forces me to get to work before I normally would.  Not that I am putting together the most eloquent sentences together at that hour, but still.  It has been difficult and really I know the only way I will keep this up is if I continue to schedule meetings that early.  But I wanted to share one of the really cool things about being up early in the fall – the view from my door out onto the road:

You can see the garden without the gates, ready for winter.  And this is a photo the day after I raked the leaves.  By this weekend, the yard will be covered again.

Now that we’re in the fall mood, here are my September socks – Everyday Hermione.  Truly a delightful pattern, I may actually knit these again.  The yarn really softened up after I washed it.

Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of your autumn season.  It is one of my favorite times of year!


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