Christmas Stockings

Cross off another New Year’s Resolution! I finally finished the stockings I was making for my friend’s family. I made one stocking last year to show her before the holidays. And then in the past few weeks, I finished the other two. I used the Simplicity Sewing Pattern 4842 medium sized stocking pattern.  All of the fabric and trim is from Joann Fabrics.  And I took them to my local embroidery store for the names.  The photos were taken in my car because I took these straight to the post office to mail to my friend.  And I can see the spots that need ironing, but that is not a problem.

I have to say this was a difficult project for me.  Not the actual sewing, but putting together the pieces.  I had a hard time wrapping my head around how the different layers would go together and where to put the trim.  Then of course I had thick layers to sew through.  After this project, I am really doubting if I enjoy sewing projects.  I know I love quilting.  But do I like sewing clothes and objects like this?  I am beginning to doubt it.  But I love making gifts for friends, especially something that the whole family can use.  I cannot wait to see these at her house!


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