A Day in the Kitchen

I rarely spend time cooking or baking – clearly I am busy with other activities!  But I have a wonderful chef in my house who makes us dinner on a daily basis.  And I spent a lot of time cooking and baking as a child and teenager.  I was in a few bake-offs and contests for fun.  There really was not much else to do.  So once I got past all the basics, made homemade bread, pie crusts, meals, etc – I was pretty much done.  But once in awhile I get inspired.

First, the Yarn Harlot posted an emergency soup that sounded delicious.  So I made that for my lunch today.  And it is beyond delicious – I cannot even explain it.  Used a potato masher instead of an immersion blender and chicken broth instead of vegetable stock.  Thank you to her for introducing me to leeks – where have I been?  What a great substitute for onions.  And my photo looks just like hers:

Then later today I am attending a cookie exchange among my scrapbooking friends.  Of course I had to make my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  Five dozen total!  Cannot wait to try everyone else’s cookies.

And since I had so many leftover potatoes from the soup, I decided to make these potato chips.  I used ground white pepper and onion powder for the seasoning.  I think it still counts for cooking even though it mainly involved the microwave.  Now you know my standards.

And after all of those delicious comfort foods, I should probably make a salad.  Nah.  I will have sorts of crafty things to post over the next few weeks with Christmas approaching!


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