2011 Resolutions Update

It is that time of year again – time to check in about my resolutions from last year!  I am very proud to say that I completed my resolutions this year, mainly because I made them so obtainable.  The word of the year was relax, remember?  I had my moments of chaos, but I managed to keep it together pretty well.  And there were no big events to plan this year.  So let’s review the resolutions:


Make the Christmas stockings for my friend T’s family, as requested, before August.


I did finish these Christmas stockings, but in November, not August.  Mailed them to her right before Thanksgiving.


Finish all random scrapbook pages that have not been finished by August.


I did catch up on my random scrapbook pages and feel good about the progress.  There was a page I completed that should have been done in 2005!  Now I just have a few projects from the past year that need catching up, not all kinds of random pages.


Learn how to use my spinning wheel in February.


I think I waited until May to work on this resolution, but I did learn how to use my spinning wheel!  Once the holiday gift knitting began, I had to put it away.  But the next step for this resolution will be in 2012.


Fill my Project Life binder with the everyday things that I never scrap.


Still going strong with Project Life.  I had times where I had to play catch up, but it all worked out.  Because I have only been using one page for one week (instead of two pages), I will keep going with this goal in 2012.  Of course I want to fill the album!


Keep track of my quilting supplies with Stash Reports every week.


I did keep up with my Stash Reports, even though it was much more infrequent than every week.  I only updated when I bought fabric or sewed with fabric.  My underlying goal was to not bring in more fabric than I started with, but I went over slightly by 5 yards.  Vintage sheet fat quarters sucked me in!  Really glad I kept track, otherwise I would have been feeling more guilt than necessary probably.  I did get a lot of sewing done this year!


Make a queen-sized quilt (or duvet cover) for my bed.


I am really proud of completing this project.  I just finished it, but I did space the project out over the course of the year.  This was an intense project at the end with all of the bulky pieces.  But I am happy with the results and looking forward to using this on the bed.  And now I never want to make another queen-sized quilt!


Use the Basic Grey fabric I have set aside to make a table runner for the front room and the matching paper to make the shadow box.


After I experimented with the Basic Grey fabric, I realized it did not match the front room very well.  So I made the table runner out of the same Pure by Moda fabric that I used for the queen-sized quilt.  The table runner actually sits on a dresser, so hopefully the dresser and quilt will be reunited in the same room some day.  Since I steered away from the Basic Grey fabric and paper, I did not make the shadow box.  But maybe I can use some leftover fabric pieces this year to make it match.


Those were the resolutions for the year!  Another fun thing to think about is everything else I did throughout the year that did not even make the resolution list:


  1. The garden!  I created my first vegetable garden in 2011.
  2. 12 pairs of socks in 2011 – I am shocked this was not one of my resolutions, but I stuck with it.
  3. Participating in Camp Loopy this summer (three projects in three months, one of them being a sweater).
  4. The card swap for Paper Capers – 12 different cards throughout the year.
  5. And the long list of gifty things I created for other people throughout the year, mainly knitting projects.


Looking forward to 2012.  Have to pull together my resolution list!


2 thoughts on “2011 Resolutions Update

  1. Caitlin……you are amazing! And you didn’t even count working, traveling, going to school, etc. You give new meaning to the work taskmaster!


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