Stor Rund Dug Doily

Last July I told my mother that if she had any knitting requests for Christmas 2011, she better tell me then.  She had quite the request alright – a large doily to match the rest of her decor.  So we picked out the pattern and bought the 100% cotton yarn then.  I started the project in November, knowing I had until the middle of January to complete it.  The project went swimmingly at first – each row was so fast and it was growing so quickly!  And then the rows became extremely long.  And it started to hurt my hands.  Cotton just does not have any give to it.  So I plugged along and finished blocking it (aka stretching it out) at 1am the night before my trip to visit her.  The bind off row took 8 hours – I do not even want to think about how many hours the entire project took me!  Here is my project page for more details.  We decided it looked best on this table – away from the reach of the cats.


I am pleased with the finished results.  No desire to knit another large doily.  I do enjoy circular knitting though.  And this project is a good showcase of how far my knitting skills have come in the past several years!

Now it is time to take a small break from knitting and bust out the spinning wheel again!


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