The Epic Haruni – A Lace Shawl

I do not share all of the knitting projects I complete on the blog, mainly because I keep track of all of my projects on Ravelry.  But sometimes I am especially proud of a project and want to share.  Last week I completed my Haruni project out of Wollmeise yarn.  I started this project in October 2010 – that’s what makes it epic.  Of course, October is always a bad time to start a personal knitting project because I need to focus on my Christmas knitting.  And this project required a lot of attention when knitting it.  Of course, after the doily, nothing seemed too complicated or difficult.  So I picked this back up and finished it!  Love how it turned out.


I am not sure if I will be able to wear it on a regular basis.  It is such a delicate, beautiful piece.  I just want to display it on a wall somewhere!  After this epic lace shawl, I have no plans to cast on for a new one.  I much prefer my knitting to be slightly mindless.  But never say never again!


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