Granny Square Sampler – Assignment 1

Amidst all of the crafting projects I am working on and should be working on, I felt inspired to join the Granny Square Sampler Crochet Along by wisecraft.   You may be thinking, “Crochet?  I thought you were a knitter.”  Ah yes, I do both.  I learned how to crochet as a child and found it more enjoyable than knitting for a long time.  In high school, I made an entire crocheted afghan for a 4-H project.  After I was introduced to Ravelry and learned how to make knitted garments, crocheting fell by the wayside.

But it is back in my life with this new afghan project!  I am only using stash yarn, which includes a lot of single balls of yarn and leftovers.  Here are my first three squares from Assignment #1.  One 7 round traditional square (on the left) and two 5 round traditional squares (on the right).  Love how quickly these are working up!


It is so bright and sunny here that the sun is washing out some of the colors.  But I love the randomness of colors.  Granny squares are so satisfying because you do not have to look where to put the hook – it is all about the big holes.  So come join me on this sampler afghan project if you can!  It is going to be a fun summer project!


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