No Longer a Beginner Spinner

I am very excited to show you my latest spinning project.  I have officially crossed into the realm of intermediate status with this finished yarn.  Well, at least in my eyes.  I spun my first Loop Bullseye Bump.  Now, if you are not familiar with Loop, it is a very popular shop on Etsy.  She has shop updates that sell out very quickly.  And rightfully so, her center-pull bumps are one of a kind.  I was almost afraid to spin my bump because I thought it was too precious.  But then I came to my senses and enjoyed the experience!


You cannot tell in the photo, but this yarn is a gradient.  So it starts with the black, morphs into the greens and blues, and ends with the purple.  And has a little bit of sparkle throughout.  And doesn’t it almost look professional?  I was able to spin 282 yards out of the 5 ounces at a dk/light worsted weight.  Very proud.  And now I will have to think about what to knit with it!


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