Peas in the Garden

Time for a garden update!  This is my second year with a garden and I learned a lot from last year’s endeavors.  First, trying to grow seedlings indoors is just not my thing.  Either it is going in the ground as a seed or I buy it as a transplant from my local greenhouse.  Second, the few peas I planted last year did really well.  So I planted several rows of peas this year.  And I planted them three weeks earlier because of the wonderful weather we have been having.


Can you see some of the pods hanging?  After the flowers bloom and the pods start growing, it can be tricky to spot them.  But it is such a treat to find them.  I love watching the plants climb up the poles (next year I need a trellis) and toward the sun.  Look at my first harvest!

There is nothing like the taste of fresh peas out of your own garden.  I love it.  I am wondering if I could get a fall harvest out of peas this year, that is how much fun it is to grow them.  Very low maintenance and the bugs leave them alone once they grow tall enough.

Here is a sneak peek at my tomato plants.  Last year I only had one and enjoyed the tomatoes immensely.  I invested in the tomato cages this year and I think it will work out well.  I am all about the low maintenance.  There are lots of varieties this year:

Here is a photo just for fun of our plastic owl.  His eyes glow and his head freely spins.  A little creepy at night!  We originally bought him to keep the birds away from the grass seed in another part of the yard.  But now he watches over my garden.  And probably startles people driving down the road.

And then here is a stargazer lily I bought as a bulb last year that has really taken off.  Multiple blooms this year!  I love the color.

That is it for the garden update this time of year.  I am looking forward to watching the tomatoes grow and replacing the peas with peppers.  I do have some other smaller plants growing, but we will see if those make it.  First time for summer squash.  Hope your gardens are growing well!


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