Magrathea Shawl

Today I am showing off the Magrathea shawl, my first project in the Camp Loopy 2012 series.  The basic rules for this month included:  buying yarn from The Loopy Ewe at a discount, creating a project with at least 400 yards, and using a pattern with a designer from a country other than your own.  So I used the opportunity to create a gift for a professor that I have worked with throughout the years.  She truly deserves one of my knitted items.  And since I know I will be busy next year, I am getting ahead of the game.  There is nothing worse than gift knitting at the last minute!  Now I am just ahead.  🙂



Knitting with black yarn requires a lot of light, but the silk in this yarn was nice to knit.  I am always faster at my knitting when I have a deadline.  Now I need to go finish a sweater that has been on the needles for over two years.  Before I start the sweater I am going to knit next month for Camp Loopy Project #2.  Crazy much?


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