Handspun Hat

Now I usually do not share every knit or crochet item that I finish on the blog.  I almost always share the bigger projects, but the little hats and dishcloths that I create sometimes usually just stay on my Ravelry page.  But this simple hat is extra special.  This is the first time I knit with my own handspun yarn!  It is the Monmouth Cap spun out of 100% Norwegian wool (130 yards = 4 ounces).

I really hated spinning this fiber.  I thought my final product was uneven and too “thick and thin.”  But then I started knitting with it and everything changed.  It was magical knitting with it!  It really is true what people say about knitting with your own handspun – there is nothing like it.  I had no idea it was going to stripe like it did.  And that it would be so even in the end.  A real joy to knit.  I knit this hat for the charity donation sponsored by Cephalopod Yarns.  It is a great deal – knit a hat for Afghans for Afghans and receive a coupon code to the shop.  Win win!


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