Chevron Quilt for the Happy Couple

Last week we visited family for Katie’s bridal shower.  Just a month to go until the actual wedding!  Two years ago I made the bride’s sister and my sister quilts for their weddings, so I decided to do the same thing again. The happy couple has a black futon where this quilt can be displayed.  One blurry photo was taken when the bride opened the gift at the shower, but you get the idea.




Their wedding colors are black and Tiffany blue, so I used various shades of turquoise to make up the patterned pieces.  I ordered the main fabric from Connecting Threads and I was really impressed with the quality.  Not Moda quality, but not the cheap Joann’s fabric quality either.  Somewhere in between and excellent prices.  I used a soft anti-pill fleece for the back of quilt from Joann’s.  I actually had a lot of drama trying to create the design for this quilt.  At first I made 7.5″ square blocks of just the turquoise patterned pieces.  Then I realized I needed to add the solid black and turquoise, so I made half triangles.  At one point I needed to order more fabric.  Lesson learned?  Be sure I know what I am trying to create before I go into the project.  And maybe I am swearing off large, lap sized quilts for awhile.  But I am happy with the finished quilt.


And just to give you an idea about the rest of the bridal shower, here are some fun photos of the decorations.  The matron of honor, Katie’s sister, planned almost the entire shower herself, so I can’t take credit for these ideas.  I helped decorate on the actual day and sifted powdered sugar at 6am that morning.  And of course I ate my share of cupcakes and cake pops!

Soon I will be making a scrapbook from the shower and the rehearsal bouquet from packaging bows, so you will see more from the wedding events.  So happy to be involved in their big day!


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