Knitted Christmas Stocking

Last year I finished the set of family Christmas stockings that I sewed.  When my friend made the request for Christmas stockings (a couple years ago), I was not confident enough in my knitting abilities to pull it off.  Fast forward to this year when another dear friend asked me to knit one stocking for my goddaughter.  She just wanted the one and had a very specific motif in mind.  I decided to try it out, making no promises.  I adjusted a pattern’s size to match the other family stockings.  I used a rabbit from another pattern to be duplicate stitched on top of the stocking.  And I made up the name pattern myself.  Here is the finished project, which safely arrived on December 1st for the family to enjoy this season.


I am very proud of the finished product because it is a true demonstration of how much my knitting skills have developed in the last four years.  I did not put a liner in it, but I am hoping the grandmother can use her sewing expertise to add that part.  And remember how I said I finished the sewn stockings for the other friend?  Well baby #2 is on the way any day now, so I better get to work!  Stockings for children are a true act of love in my crafting eyes!


2 thoughts on “Knitted Christmas Stocking

  1. How did I not know you had a blog? This is fabulous! As always, I’m impressed with how MUCH you have on your plate and how you manage to not only keep up, but do beautiful work in all of it!
    Merry Christmas!

    • Aww, thanks Katherine. I thought you knew! I have not been sewing as much this year, but lots of knitting and cards. Merry Christmas and what a great Christmas present you have this year. Love the updates on your blog. 🙂

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