2012 Goal Review and Final Stash Reports

The year is almost over and it is time to check in about my goals and final stash reports.  What a year!  I might say this every year, but I think this one went by even faster than 2011.  I still managed to get a lot of crafting done and share it here on the blog.  Here were the goals for 2012 and the updates:

  • Knit a lace weight sweater for myself without being concerned about the deadline.
  • Well the statement about “not being concerned about the deadline” really did me in – I never did cast on for this project!  That’s okay, I did a lot of other knitting.  Maybe this one can happen in 2013.
  • Become consistent with my spinning.
  • This was a great goal that I feel like I really accomplished.  I worked on my spinning using my Ashford Traditional and then I won a new Fricke wheel at Camp KIP in April.  That really changed my spinning with the double treadle style.  I love spinning on my Fricke.  I even started to spin enough yarn to knit a sweater, but that is still a work in progress.  And on top of becoming more consistent, I spun over 6,000 yards (see below)!
  • Keep track of my fabric and yarn this year with the obvious goal of using more than buying.
  • This was my second year of tracking fabric and my first year tracking yarn.  I am so happy I started tracking my yarn purchases.  It really made me scale back on the buying.  When you know that purchasing 400 yards will set you back in a month, it makes you reconsider.  And now I can say that I knit over 14,500 yards this year!  Over 1,000 yards a month.  That feels great.
  • Enjoy my gift crafting!
  • I am also proud to say I was able to accomplish this goal with knitting at least.  There was no last minute stressing about knitting gifts like last year, mainly because I did not knit a lot for other people this year.  There were a few moments during these last few weeks before Christmas that seemed stressed, but it all worked out.  Completing crafts before December will probably have to become a permanent goal of mine!
  • Grow something new (successfully) in the garden.
  • This year I ended up focusing on things that had grown successfully in the garden the year before.  So I had a crazy amount of peas, half of the garden, and several tomato plants.  I did grow mint, which was new, but I did not really do anything exciting with it.  The tulips I planted in fall 2011 really bloomed this year, so that was exciting to watch.  I just was not into my garden this year like I was in 2011.  There is a tree that is shading a lot of the garden right now, but I am hoping those branches will be cut down in time for this year.


One of my best handspun yarns from the year, a nice corriedale.


And here are the final numbers!

Final Yarn and Fiber Stash Report for 2012:

Knit Year to Date:  14,816 yards

Traded/Sold Year to Date:  3,511 yards

Purchased Year to Date: 9,180 yards

Acquired for Free to Date:  4,550 yards

Net Destashed for 2012:   4,597 yards

Spun Year to Date:   6,448 yards


Final Fabric Stash Report for 2012:

Used since past update: 1 yard
Used year to Date: 16 yards
Added Recently: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 15 yards
Destashed Year to Date:  5 yards
Net Out of Stash for 2012: 6 yards


Thanks for reading this year and I look forward to your comments and likes in 2013!


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