Wee Ones Bunny

Happy Easter to all of you!  I have a related project to share with you today.  Since this is my goddaughter’s first Easter, I thought I would knit her a little bunny rabbit.  You may remember some of the other bunny themed objects I have created – the bunny nugget, the bunny hat for the baby shower, and the bunny stocking.  Yep, all for the same little girl.  This was my first time making a stuffed animal, so I followed the seamless pattern from Susan B. Anderson.  She has a Craftsy class called “Wee Ones” where you can make a rabbit, a hippo, or an elephant from the same pattern.  Watching the videos really helped me throughout the process and I have more details on my project page.  I am in no hurry to knit another stuffed animal – they are pretty finicky little projects, even when they are seamless.  But the photos make it all worth it…




My goddaughter wearing a sweater I knit for her and smiling about her new Easter bunny.




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