Birthday Card with Inktense Pencils

Ever since Jennifer McGuire shared her experiences with Inktense Pencils, I knew I wanted my own set and I recently received them as a gift for my birthday.  I was able to resist the Copic marker craze, but not these!  I do own regular watercolor pencils and colored pencils, but Jennifer is right, there is something very different about these pencils.  I love the vividness and how easy it is to blend them.  I am also a big fan of the Tim Holtz fine tip water brush.  This was my first set of cards using the Inktense pencils and I love how they turned out.  I did use a marker for the grey of the elephant, but everything else is Inktense.  Kristy gave me the stamped images and paper as part of the Queen Bee card swap.



Looking forward to using these pencils on more cards!


3 thoughts on “Birthday Card with Inktense Pencils

  1. I have also resisted copic markers mostly because of the price… however I do like the Tim Holtz distress markers a lot. I got them as a gift and have been using them a lot with the water color brush. I suppose that I would try out copic markers to if they were also gifted to me…lol I have not tried much with colored pencils. This is a very cute card. =^_^=

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