Baby Doll Toys

This August marks two of my favorite little girls’ birthdays, both daughters of my best friends.  The one is only a year old and still easy to please with a knitted hat.  But the oldest just turned four and is starting to get to the point where she will remember my gifts.  Remember my gifts?  Remember that I am the crazy woman who loves to craft for her?  Oh boy, the stakes are high!  I had to make a good impression!  That’s where suggestions from her mom are always helpful.  Now that she has a little brother, Miss Ella is all about being a mom herself.  She likes to pretend she is taking care of her baby dolls just like a real baby.  So I made some felt diapers and wipes based on this pattern.  Just something simple.  While I was buying the iron on velcro, I spotted some Minnie Mouse fabric in the clearance bin and decided to make a baby doll blanket.  I hear that was a big hit!  Success with crafting for a four year old!




Now it is time to plan for my fall projects!  Happy back to school time!


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