Third Quarter Stash Report

And just like that, the third quarter of the year is complete!  Usually the summer flies by for me, but this quarter was exceptionally slow.  I was just waiting for my new life to begin.  Waiting to move into our very own house, waiting to defend my dissertation, and waiting to start my new job as a professor!  Now all of that has happened and I can start to settle in to my new life.  Time for more crafting!  What I did not anticipate was this new hobby of mine…home improvement projects!  Those projects will start to make an appearance on the blog as I complete them.

As a reminder, one of my resolutions this year was to keep track of three stashes – fabric, yarn, and fiber. I blogged about my first quarter stash report here and my second quarter stash report here.  I did not knit as much this summer as last summer, but that was mainly a result of not participating in Camp Loopy.  Which was one of my resolutions – to NOT participate in it this year.  I had big plans to just knit with stash.  But not participating also decreased my summer knitting productivity.  And all that packing.  There was a lot of packing.  And unpacking.  But I have high hopes for this last quarter!

Fabric Update:

Used Year to Date: 1 yard
Added Year to Date: 5.6 yards (working on a baby blanket now and some of the new fabric is for the wedding)
Destashed Year to Date:  -4.6 yards !

Yarn Update:

Knit Year to Date:  4,756 yards

Traded/Sold/Gave Away Year to Date:  1,638 yards

Purchased Year to Date: 3,030 yards (went to a fiber festival this quarter and new to me yarn shops!)

Acquired for Free to Date:  200 yards

Net Destashed for 2013:  3,164  yards

Fiber Update:

Ounces Spun Year to Date:  104.3 ounces

Purchased Year to Date:  76 ounces (bought an entire fleece through a local breeder and had it processed)

Yards Spun Year to Date:  4,360 yards

Net Destashed for 2013:  28.3 ounces (1.76 pounds)


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