Bentley’s Minky Blanket

Last weekend I got to spend time with my best friends and their children (which of course, automatically makes them my favorite kids).  I always blog the projects I make for them.  Well this time it was Bentley’s turn for a handmade gift.  I decided to make him a blanket made out of the softest material I think you can buy – Minky!  I had never worked with it before and wanted to see if it was as soft as everyone says it is.  The answer – yes, it really is incredibly soft.  It was also incredibly stretchy on the sewing machine.  I bought this kit at  But while you are working with it for a sewing project, it sheds like you wouldn’t believe.  I watched a Youtube video about how to work with Minky and I was warned.  I still wasn’t prepared for the fluff that would cover my craft room.  Once you sew the blanket together though, the fluff and shedding disappears.  Well worth the reaction from the family!  I guess Bentley’s older sister has already claimed it as her own since she is 3 years old and Bentley is only 9 months.  Hooray for a popular blanket!


Now I better get to work on his Christmas stocking!


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