Way Past Back to School Vest

It has been awhile since I have had a knitted garment to share with you!  Last January my sister and I decided to do another knitalong.  We tend to find a pattern we both like, knit with different yarns, and we try to keep up with each other’s pace.  Well my sister finished her Back-to-School U-Neck Vest long before it was even time to go back to school.  And I just finished mine now that we are way past back to school!

I have wanted to knit this pattern since I bought the Fitted Knits book back in 2008.  I always love Stephanie Japel’s patterns.  It really is a simple garment pattern and flies off of the needles…you know, when you actually work on it.  I stalled out when it was time to pay attention to the directions to separate for the armholes.  Then I did not pick it up until after the move.  And of course now that I have finished it, I want to knit another!  The yarn is Malabrigo Twist, a heavenly yarn, maybe a little too soft for this structured piece, but oh so soft.  Looking forward to wearing this professional piece to work.



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