Charlotte’s Web Shawl

Before I moved here in August, one of my knitting friends gave me yarn from her precious Koigu stash to make a Charlotte’s Web Shawl.  Koigu is precious because it is fairly expensive, very squishy, and is dyed in beautiful colors.  The five skeins needed to make this shawl transition one into another so well.  I started this project in October and just finished it last week.  It is one of my epic projects for a couple reasons.  First, I could have never knit this five years ago.  I have come a long way as a knitter and you have to read between the lines on this pattern for the lace repeats.  I was also able to easily crochet the edging on this project.  Additionally, it was epic because it took 875 yards, which is a lot more yarn than I have been knitting in projects recently.  So it felt like a masterpiece to finish it!  I cannot wait to wear it and show it off to my new knitter friends!



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