An Epic Quilt

In November, my youngest sister made a crafting request for her college graduation in December – a quilt big enough for her bed.  I almost fell over at the request for two reasons:  1 – I had never made a quilt that large before. and 2 – She usually does not usually ask for things.  I knew I was not going to get it done in time for graduation, but I immediately started planning.  First, I had my sister pick a pattern and colors.  We decided on the Raspberry Dessert pattern by Jaybird Quilts in turquoise and black.  Sometime in December I ventured out to Joann’s to choose the perfect fabrics.  My sister approved through Snapchatting photos.  Over Christmas break I cut the fabric into the strips and squares necessary, which I rarely do.  I am a pre-cut and/or wonky kind of quilter.  After this experience, I will stick to my pre-cuts, thank you.  Slowly I pieced the quilt together in January and February.




Then after I finished the quilt top and stitched together a back, I decided to send it to Missouri Star Quilt Company for the quilting part.  This size of quilt was never going to fit in my small machine and I would not want to have tried!  My sister picked out the quilted pattern.  I waited about three weeks for it to come back to me.  And wow, was I impressed.  They did such an amazing job on the quilting and getting the quilt square.  Saved me a lot of agony (well that is what I would call it – other people seem to enjoy this step).  After all of that work, I had to hand sew the binding, right?  Again, how people see that part as enjoyable, I am not sure.  And black binding was definitely difficult to see.  I spent about a week working on the binding in the sunlight.  I ordered a custom label from Etsy to include (my first quilt with a label!) and off it went to my sister – about six months after the original request and long after graduation!  But she loves it.




So this was the largest, most expensive, and best quilt I have ever made.  I have no desire to make another one any time soon…although I seem to say that after every quilt I make.  Next one on my requested list is a toddler sized quilt for my goddaughter’s birthday in August.  I can handle that, but I better start now.  🙂



12 thoughts on “An Epic Quilt

  1. Caitlin! This is AMAZING! You’ve done a really great job and all your hard work is evident! I love everything about this and think it’s so special that you were willing to tackle such a big project for your sister. So cool! Well done!

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