Crocheted Rag Rug

Now that my first year as an assistant professor is over, I have more time for crafting!  I am almost overwhelmed with the possibilities of projects.  Last week I bought a subscription on sale for Creativebug.  It is like Craftsy in the sense that they have online tutorials, but instead of paying for each class, you pay for the time you have access.  It has a different feel and allows for more dabbling across different types of projects.  Perfect timing for my summer schedule!  The first class I tried was, “Crochet a Rag Rug” by Cal Patch.  I also read Crazy Mom Quilts’ recent tutorial.  I found a bag of scrap strips in my fabric stash that have moved with me at least three times.  And so, this 10″ by 28″ rug was created in just one evening.



If I find some cheap bed sheets or knit fabric this summer, I will be creating bigger rugs for the kitchen.  It really is a fun project.  You just have to watch your wrists as the fabric is very unforgiving.  Let me know if you have ever made one.  Here is to the beginning of a wonderful summer!


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