Canning Jam

I started to feel inspired to can about this time last year.  It was clear that the owner of our house before us canned from all the labeled shelves in the basement and the canning oven.  And since I was using mason jars in the wedding, it made even more sense!  My friend Kelsie cans and gave us a jar of relish when we went her to house last winter.  And my friend Kristy just started canning too!  So after the wedding, I got started with two batches of cherry and plum jam using recipes from the Ball book and Food in Jars.  I recommend both of these books highly.

Jam is a sticky mess, but worth it.  I made 8 jelly jars of cherry jam in my first attempt.And then 9 jars of cherry/plum jam in my second attempt, a week later.  The cherry pitter I bought is totally worth it.  I only dropped one jar after it had been processed (thankfully just lightly on the counter, so it went straight into the fridge).  

I think my jams are a little syrupy…the hot mixture was “sheeting” though, so I thought it was good.  I will leave it cook for longer next time I think.  But I’m kind of jammed out right now.  I want to try some pickles now, while that is still in season!  I have a new pressure cooker, but I still need to have my extension office test it for me before I use it.  And this fall I am going to go crazy with the apples! Looking forward to many more canning opportunities!


6 thoughts on “Canning Jam

  1. Awesome job! I had to have a friend show me. And it’s great to have someone around to ask questions to! We are making peach jam tonight. We should have boiled the blackberry jam/syrup more to thicken…but I was tired…so now its a syrup…still awesome. I’m kinda excited about decorating them for Christmas gifts!

  2. Great job! I have made strawberry jam before. In January, I can sausage and chunk meat. We had 61 jars of sausage this year. Bryan has been busy canning his pickles – bread and butter and dill. He is thinking about making relish. Soon, it will be tomato juice and salsa. Keep up the good work of canning! You will really enjoy it when those winter months hit!

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