Tumbler Crib Quilt

I had a special request for my goddaughter’s birthday this year – a quilt for her bed (aka converted crib).  After the epic quilt for my sister earlier this year, this quilt felt like a breeze.  Her mom chose the pattern from several I pinned on Pinterest and gave me the leftover fabric from the decorations in her room.  I had to buy some matching fabric to create the entire quilt, but that was easy to do.  This was my first tumbler quilt.  And the biggest free motion quilting project I have done to date!  Even though this quilt was only about 30″ by 60,” it was still a lot to free motion quilt.  My hands would really ache after working on a section.  But it was worth it!  The back of the quilt is a purple flannel fabric.  And I used a purchased bias tape for the binding.  I am really pleased with how this quilt turned out.  And my goddaughter loves it – always the best part.

Next quilt that is up for piecing together is the one from my wedding!  Hopefully I can get that one done before Christmas!


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