Homegrown Potatoes

One of my goals for 2014 was to plant something.  Not an entire garden, just something.  It was our first full summer at the house, so I wanted to see the season develop first before deciding on a garden location.  And there was that whole getting married business that took most of my time.  🙂  So my planting something involved basil and potatoes in containers.  I read all about growing potatoes in a trash can from as many sources as I could.  I bought seed potatoes from a certified source online.  I followed the directions with diligence and made sure to mound the dirt in the trash can when the leaves grew over 12″.  I waited for the bushy leaves to flower…but that did not seem to happen.  And then I decided it just had to be time to see if there were potatoes in there or not, after three months of growing.  And this is what I found:



Not as many potatoes as one might imagine coming out of a large trash can, but I am pretty used to that with my gardening efforts.  I am glad I did not wait any longer because some were starting to get mushy.  Digging for these little treasures was a lot of fun and worth the wait.  I ended up cutting them up for dinner that night.  Did they taste magical like a home grown tomato?  No.  But they still tasted pretty great!



I am not sure if I will grow potatoes again in 2015.  I think 2015 is the year to build my second square foot garden.  But there are too many holidays between now and 2015 to think about that right now.  Just grateful I had the opportunity to experiment with potatoes this year!


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