2015 Goals – The Year of Nourish

A new year and new goals!  I am so looking forward to my crafting adventures in 2015.  I have had a few days to think about my 2014 Recap and I am ready to write down my goals for this year.  First, this is my fifth year of choosing a “one little word,” inspired by Ali Edwards.  Past words include:  Flow (2014), Acceptance (2013), Mindful (2012), and Relax (2011).  This year will be Nourish.  Google defines nourish one way as, “provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.”  That is exactly how I feel about my crafting goals this year.  I want to continue to nourish my hobbies and the time I spend on them.  Not every goal will be about growing the craft, but keeping it in good condition and keeping my current goals active.  It is not a year of big excitement – it is a year of nourishment.

2015 Goals:

  • Keep track of my fiber, fabric, and yarn stashes.

An important goal to me every year as I try to use more of what I already own.  Last year was a struggle in each of these areas, but I am looking forward to a fresh start this year!  It is too easy to buy more, especially when it takes so much time to use it.  My next goal should help with the reduction of the stashes this year as well.

  • Reduce the time spent on the computer each evening and over the weekend.

Part of the lack of crafting during the school year I know comes from sitting on the computer.  I love to read blogs and scroll through my Twitter and Instagram feeds.  I get distracted by something new on some crafty blog and then I must own it!  Which of course, reduces the time I am spending on crafts I already own.  So I have downloaded the StayFocusd add-on for Google Chrome.  My blocked sites include social media, Feedly (my reader for blogs), and Ravelry.  Once that little timer is up each evening, I am ready to enjoy my evening with crafting or anything else.

  • Commit to watching my online crafting classes (Creativebug, Craftsy, OnlineCardClasses).

Now this goal may seem to contradict the above goal.  However, it does not to me.  What do I do when I am cruising the internet?  Buy online classes.  Or hoard crafting books.  Both related.  This year I want to make myself a schedule of watching more of these classes I have already purchased.  Following a schedule is how I work best, so I plan to do something like, “watch three lessons this week” and have a little checklist.

  • Weave six projects from the yarn stash.

One commitment I want to make in my fiber related crafting world is to weave six projects.  I purchased a 15″ Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom in 2014 and have made 4 scarves on it so far.  This year I would like to make sure I keep up the weaving with at least six projects, using the yarn stash (oh how easy it is to tell myself I need more yarn after weaving a project!).  I would like to make some projects without fringe (back to the Craftsy class I already own).  And a sock yarn scarf is also on my mind for this year.

  • Shift my scrapbooking to focus on themes and non-chronological memories.

I have been scrapbooking each year of my life consistently since 2003.  I have a wall full of albums that generally mark August – July of each year.  I also have vacation albums, “daily” documentation albums, albums that were gifts, and digital albums.  I love all of these albums and am so happy I took the time over the years to document my life.  However, most of the pages I create are chronological event style.  Here we did this, then we did that.  This past year I have been pulled more towards documenting thoughts and feelings rather than events.  Rather than, “here is when my nephew was born” and leaving it at that, what if I also write down, “here are the emotions I felt the day you were born.”  And that kind of style takes in the moment writing.  It is not as genuine for me to write those kind of notes three months after the fact.  Instead, I want to use my Project Life cards and my new Story Kits to document my life.  What if this year I focus on a non-chronological scrapbook?  Just documenting what I want – when I want to.  It is a shift and I am excited to see where it leads!

  • Start a real garden out in the yard this year.

Now that we are more settled in our house, I would like to plan and plant an outdoor garden this year.  Last year I planted some containers, but this year I want to make the space for the garden.  I need to plan sooner rather than later, because prime planting time is always the busiest time of the year for me at school.  But I learned from my past garden at the old house and am looking forward to a fresh start.  Talk about alignment with the word of the year!

  • Can vegetables for the first time.

Last year I started canning for the first time – cherries and apple pie filling.  This year I want to venture into vegetables.  Not from my own garden probably, but definitely local produce.  Again, this is tricky because another busy time of the year is when all the vegetables are ready for harvest.  I am looking forward to trying something that does not involve a sticky mess though!

  • Create the wall of shawls.

This sounds like a funny one, but any knitter will understand.  I have all of these shawls I have made over the years and they live in a plastic bin that I rarely open.  Why?!  They should be on a wall, displayed for everyone to see!  The wall of shawls!  To make this happen we need to paint the master bedroom and decorate the rest of the room.

So those are my crafting goals for 2015!  I am also looking forward to continuing to spin and make cards (those crafts do not need goals this year).  I also have personal goals of continuing to run and practice my meditation.  I will be helping a friend plan her wedding this year as a bridesmaid.  I look forward to watching all the children in my life continue to grow.  And just being!  Nourishing the life I am so blessed to live!  Hope you are ready for an excellent 2015 yourself.


2 thoughts on “2015 Goals – The Year of Nourish

  1. I love your goals. I too have been thinking about getting off the computer more and using what I have first (which includes ideas and plans rather than getting distracted by the shiny new). We will have to strategize very carefully about MDSW!

    Tell me more about the Wall of Shawl at next Knit Night, please!

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