Apple Pie Filling Gifts

My homemade gifts for Christmas this year were canned goodies.  I blogged about canning cherry syrup/jam back in August, but I had to wait for this post because several of you readers got the “homemade apple pie filling!”  I live right next to apple country here in PA, so it only made sense to can a variety of local apples when they were in season during October.  I found the recipe I wanted to try at Food in Jars.  I bought my Clear Gel from Amazon after I quickly realized I could not find it in the stores.  And my spices were from Penzey’s (my favorite spice store).  I made two batches – 6 pints and 6 quarts (all jars from the wedding).  The batch tasted delicious and it was just as much of a sticky mess as the cherries.  I just hope it stayed delicious – I gave them all away!


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