2015 First Quarter Stash Report

Happy spring and happy second quarter of the year!  It was a busy quarter for me, but I still took the time to work my goals for the year and to remember my one little word – nourish.  Thinking about that word is going to be a lot easier this spring and summer.  Overall, I am doing well on my stashes.  I have not sewn anything yet this year.  I have no finished spinning projects to share – just lots of bobbins that need plied.  I did destash a lot of my handspun on a Facebook group this past quarter.  That felt pretty great to send some of my first handspun yarn out into the world for others to enjoy.  I have been knitting at a steady pace and I already posted about my weaving progress.

Fabric Update:

Used Year to Date: 0 yards

Added Year to Date:  2 yards

Destashed Year to Date:  -2 yards

Fiber Update:

Ounces Spun Year to Date:  0 ounces

Purchased Year to Date:  22 ounces

Traded/Destashed Year to Date:  46 ounces

Yards Spun Year to Date:  0 yards

Net Destashed for 2015:  24 ounces

Finished these simple socks this quarter!

Yarn Update:

Knit Year to Date:  2,512 yards

Woven Year to Date:  1,369 yards

Traded/Sold/Gave Away Year to Date:  745 yards

Purchased Year to Date: 1,818 yards

Acquired for Free to Date:  0 yards

Net Destashed for 2015:   2,808 yards

I hope your craftiness had a great first quarter too!


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