Wall of Shawls

One of my new year’s resolution for 2015 was to create the “wall of shawls” in my bedroom.  The goal was to get all of my handknit shawls and scarves out of a plastic bin and on display so I could see them in all their glory and hopefully wear them more often too.  First, we had to paint the bedroom (a nice shade of burple – right in between blue and purple).  Then I had to decide how I wanted to hang the shawls.  We thought about a big piece of lattice.  I searched high and low on Pinterest and only found displays of a couple shawls at a time.  I thought about a lot of different options from Amazon.  I finally stumbled on a coffee mug wall rack.  Great price and long pegs for my shawls to fit on.  Perfect.  Two of these hold up my wall of shawls.  I have already ordered a third one for the second bedroom (a mini wall of shawls for guests to admire).  I unveiled the wall of shawls to my friends on Wednesday night when they were over for knit night.  There should almost be music playing softly in the background.  It is a stunning display and I love it!


9 thoughts on “Wall of Shawls

  1. I’m thinking of coming up with some variation of a “blanket ladder” to hold all my shawls. Like you, I want to SEE them and WEAR them more!

    • Yes, I have seen those! I have a ladder in my hallway that has two blankets on it, but it wouldn’t hold all of my shawls. You need to make yours and share it with us! 🙂

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