Wedding Invitations

One of my resolutions for the year was to enjoy the crafting for my wedding.  One of the biggest projects related to the wedding went out the door a few weeks ago – all ninety invitations!  After all of my experience making invitations for others and my own events, I carefully planned these out.  I gave myself two weekends to work on them after I designed the layout on the computer and that was plenty of time.  The hardest part was deciding on how to place the text and lining it up in the printer.  The most time consuming part was gluing on the doilies.  The best part was getting everything in that I wanted and it still weighing less than an ounce.  Overall, I am very pleased with how they turned out!  If our guests did not know the theme and feel of the wedding before, they do now!



Of course, every time I make invitations it is hard to get a good enough photo without giving away all of the details.  But the photo shows you how everything was packaged with twine.  Mason jars, doilies, chalkboard signs, and twine will all be a part of the wedding!  I will have more crafting projects to post as we get closer to the big day in June!

Sunshine and Rainbow Cards

The March Simon Says Stamp card kit reveal by Kristina Werner gave me instant inspiration for a sunshine and rainbow card.  I wanted to use the rainbow paper from the kit with it, so I expanded it into an A2 sized card and added some washi tape.  I used Crayola Markers with the rainbow stencil.  Nice and simple.  And I loved adding the sequins to the card.  But I heard from my Happy Mail Card Club that the sequins did not travel well.  I’ll have to think about limiting my sequins on future cards I want to mail.  I just love the sunshine and rainbows!


First Quarter Report 2014

Wow, the first quarter of 2014 is already over!  I must really be in the flow.  It has been a productive quarter, especially with the amount of snow days we had at school.  I have had a good balance of projects for me and projects as gifts.  And all of the wedding invitations are officially out and in the mail, which was a big accomplishment.  This next quarter includes the wedding, so there will be a lot of crafting in the months of May and June.  Here is my recap of stash reports!

Summer Table Runner for a Friend

Fabric Update:

Used Year to Date: 16 yards

Added Year to Date:  6 yards

Destashed Year to Date:  10 yards (an epic quilt post is coming soon!)

Honey Cowl

Yarn Update:

Knit Year to Date:  1,855 yards

Traded/Sold/Gave Away Year to Date:  993 yards (all to my sister for projects she made me)

Purchased Year to Date: 1,444 yards (all for gifts)

Acquired for Free to Date:  745 yards

Net Destashed for 2013:  659 yards (better do some more knitting!)

Green Corriedale Handspun

Fiber Update:

Ounces Spun Year to Date:  9 ounces

Purchased Year to Date:  4 ounces (joined the Into the Whirled fiber club)

Yards Spun Year to Date:  284 yards

Net Destashed for 2013:  5 ounces

Fresh Cuts Card

Last month I started subscribing to the Simon Says Stamp card kits on the recommendation of my friend Cathy.  These kits include the raw supplies to make cards and there are many people who provide inspiration card ideas to get you started.  You could make dozens of cards from each of these kits.  And I especially like them because I get to try new supplies.  For my Happy Mail Card Club this month, I tried to recreate the card Kristina Werner posted from this kit.  You know how I love her cards.  I skipped the embossing and used the phrase “missed” instead.  My camera (phone) is not doing the card justice, it really is a cute one.  The burlap ribbon is my favorite part.


Now I need to get started with the supplies from the March kit!  Fun motivation to stay current!

My New Craft Room

After seven months of living in our new home, I think it is time to share the craft room with you!  A couple of things had been holding me back.  First, it took awhile to get the space set up the way I want it.  The new “room” is in one part of the unfinished basement and my options were almost unlimited on how I wanted to arrange my massive amounts of stuff.  And then it has just been in the past couple of weeks that I found the perfect little containers to store some of the messier items.  The colorful buckets and baskets you see are from Dollar Tree and Target.  I also had to remind myself that this is the year of flow and my craft room is constantly evolving.  There will never be the perfect set of photos, especially because the walls are cinder block in the background, but I love my room all the same.  As a reminder, here is the blog post about what my craft room looked like at the old house.  You will see many of the same things here of course.

And now I have an entire wall of shelving!  The previous owner used these shelves for storing her canning jars.  Now they hold most of my crafting supplies and give me easy access to materials.  Now that we have carpet, I used our old rugs to create the feel of a room here.  Maybe some day I will get a big rug for down here.  All of my crafting books live on the black shelves.  And the dog gets a bed for just downstairs as you can see.  Although he would much rather sit in my lap while I am crafting.  Here is a close up of one of my favorite shelves:

Next to the shelves is a fake wall created by the book shelf and plastic tubs.  See that grey plastic tub in the far right corner?  That’s the yarn tub.  Yes.  Full of yarn.  And there is yarn on top of that and in the buckets next to it…Now you know why I have to monitor my stash!  You can also see that one of the shelves is full of wedding invitation supplies.  The other shelves hold most of my 12″ by 12″ paper collection so I can sort through it quickly.  And I bought an old Singer sewing machine that lives the original (dirty) carrying case, that is what is sitting on the ground there.

Then turning the corner, this area should look familiar!  The pegboard lives on!  My table is full of card making supplies here in this photo.  Well let’s be honest, it is usually covered in supplies of some type!  The white filing cabinet holds all of my stamps in the top drawer.  On top of the cabinet is a simple shoe shelf from Target.  I use it to store some of my bigger tools and rulers.  And on top there I have the supplies out for making my bridal veil!  You cannot see it in the photo, but in the ceiling I have outlets to plug in the glue and embossing guns.

Then my sewing area is next.  The leather chair rolls between this station and my desk (next photo).  Behind the sewing machine is a serger that needs fixing before I can use it (bought it on Craigslist for a steal).  To the left are my rolling totes for scrapbooking.  I need a better way to organize my thread for sewing.  Some of it lives here and the rest is over in a plastic tub on the main set of shelves.

And here is my desk area.  This desk used to be in the front room at our old house and it was where I worked when I was home.  Now I do not need an official desk at home because everything is at school.  So this desk is a crafting desk!  My Cricut lives here.  I could put my laptop here if I brought it downstairs.  There is a loom on the desk because I am thinking about trying it out before it has a permanent place on the main shelves.  I also consider this my mailing station.  I have my address labels and envelopes here.  To the right of the desk is a sewing machine table that flips open.  Yes, another sewing machine is inside.  I went through a phase where I could not resist the Craigslist deals, clearly.  And my ironing board is permanently set up next to that.

And on the back of the desk hangs all of my finished cards.  The idea to use a plastic shoe hanger is from my friend Pam.  These are loosely broken up into themes of cards like “happy birthday” and “thank you.”  It is so easy to grab a card this way.  And I love having so many options!

Those are all of the photos of my craft room!  That is only about 1/4 of the space in our basement.  The wall with the shelves is actually a dividing wall within the basement.  If you were standing in my craft space and turned to the right, you would see T.’s desk area and more shelves for him.  Then in the other part of the basement we store other household stuff.  This winter the basement has seemed cold (55 degrees F) when I could be sitting upstairs in front of the warm fireplace, but I am sure this summer it will be a nice retreat from the heat.  Thank you for taking a look at my evolving craft room!

Daisy Treehouse Design Birthday Cards

I finished my second card kit from Daisy Treehouse Design last week.  This one used the Echo Park Birthday Wishes paper line with coordinating stickers.  I especially liked the big gems and brads.  The little Scrabble like tiles were also fun to use.  I rarely think to layer the papers this way myself, but I would like to do more of it!


Next month for card club I am excited to use some new supplies from Simon Says Stamp and Stampin’ Up that I have recently purchased.  The craft room has been a little chilly the past few months because of the cold weather and the location in the basement, but I am looking forward to spending more time down there as we approach spring.  Well, at least the official transition to spring.  Stay warm!

Needle Felting Newbie

Earlier this week I went to my local alpaca farm to take a class on needle felting.  I have seen plenty of needle felted objects before, especially on Etsy, but never tried it myself.  It does make sense as an extension of my other crafts though because it involves using the fiber I typically use to spin into yarn.  So we learned how to make this little alpaca fellow.  Isn’t he cute?  I also learned more about raising alpaca from the owner.  That’s a slippery slope!  I have probably spent more time this week thinking about raising real alpaca than the time it took to make this little creature.


I see many more needle felted objects in my future!  Check it out yourself if you have an interest.  A lot easier than either knitting or crocheting, but not a craft you would want to do around small children (the needle is very, very sharp).  Until next time!